Common Winter Plumbing Problems after Polar Vortex

Canada has witnessed one of the worst winters in latest years. And, the plumbing system of your property can also have taken successful. Learn the not unusual wintry weather plumbing problems that can be the end result of Polar Vortex. Hire an skilled plumber to resolve the plumbing emergencies and ensure the protection of your private home.

The past couple of days have been hard for the average Canadian, specially with the freezing Polar Vortex. The phenomenon added with itself frigid temperatures and snowy days. The extraordinarily bloodless weather has not most effective taken a toll on you however your house as nicely, particularly the plumbing device.

The Polar Vortex Effect: Low Temperatures and Plumbing Problems

You may have undertaken preventative plumbing protection for the iciness. You may have fixed the leaks, insulated water pipes and unclogged the drain. But, with temperatures going as little as -50°C in Ontario, the subsequent plumbing issues can have an effect on your own home:

1. Frozen Pipes

Low temperatures and high-water strain often reason the water pipes to freeze. And, this year the variety of such occurrences has accelerated because of the artic temperature all round GTA. If there’s a exchange in water strain, depart the faucet slightly open to reduce the strain. But, if it doesn’t do away with the problem, transfer off the main water valve and speak to a plumber right now. It is because any delay can cause pipe bursts and flood your entire domestic.

2. Clogging of Drains

If you’ve got discarded meals scraps down the drain, meals accumulation in pipes can create issues. And, when the frequency of cooking will increase throughout the Holiday Season, grease and fats from meals can clog the drains speedy. It can also lead to water backup. If the extraordinarily bloodless climate has led to drain clogging, do no longer use dangerous chemical substances. Instead, name a plumber to control the difficulty efficaciously.